We mark, maintain and groom over 27 miles of trail. All of our trails cross private land and we strive to have a strong relationship with all of our landowners. Our section of trail would not exist without their cooperation. We groom our trails with our 2003 Tucker Sno-Cat and Arrowhead drag. The club has 5 Certified Snowmobile Instructors and conducts a Snowmobile Safety Course annually to help certify the next generation of snowmobilers. In addition to monthly meetings, we also have several other club activities including our annual Club Trip, sledding outing, trail marking and Landowner banquet.



On March 24, 1973 at Oswald’s Bar in Taus a group of snowmobile enthusiasts met to form
a snowmobile club. That night, they elected Bob Naidl as President, Clarence Elmer as Vice President, Russell Ebert as Secretary and Bob Wenzlaff as treasurer. Club members also elected three
people to the Board of Directors. They were Harold Oswald, George Shavlik and Vern Oswald.
A committee was selected to develop by-laws for the club. Due for members that fi rst year were
$10.00/family & $5.00/singles.

The tough stuff like a name for the club, a fundraiser and classes for “the youngsters” were
not “1 meeting” decisions. (They needed something to talk about the next meeting!) Back then the
“DNR Trail” was a topic of discussion. (Back then we also had lots of SNOW!!) That fi rst year, 54
people joined what was to be known as THE INLAND SNOWBLAZERS CLUB.