Landowner's Banquet

April 2nd @ Redeker's

Cocktails will begin at 11:00am
Dinner (Chicken & Tips) will be served at 11:30am
The cost is $15/person
The bands will play from 1-5pm.
General public admission is $7/person
Sign up at Sunday’s meeting or contact Scott Hastreiter if you are interested in attending.



Scott Hastreiter      phone: 920.323.6372


The Hottest Tickets In Town Are Now Available!!!!

The tickets for our annual raffle and dance are available now. We need the help of all of our members to sell tickets and make this fundraiser is a HUGE SUCCESS! This is our only fundraiser this year and we need your help.

The dance will be held at Redekers at 1-5pm. Bobby Darren & Mark Jirikovec will be performing. This year the committee will be raffling off a golf cart for $25 a ticket, only 125 tickets printed.

Tickets are available at any meeting or from any dance committee members:

  • Donny Whetung 920.362.5202
  • Jacky Novy 920.901.0162
  • Joe & Sheila Novy 920.427.9741 / 920.732.4584
  • Wayne & Cindy Novy 920.732.3654

The committee members will get them to you if you contact them.
Get your tickets now and start selling!!!